Municipal Rates


Municipalities are responsible for providing basic services to everyone living inside their jurisdiction. These services include:

  • supplying water
  • collecting and disposing of sewage
  • refuse removal
  • supplying electricity and gas
  • building and maintaining municipal roads
  • stormwater drainage
  • street lighting
  • municipal parks and recreation.


In order to provide these services, the Municipality charges residents rates. There are different kinds of rates, including:

  • property rates
  • water
  • electricity.


These rates depend on your water and electricity consumption. You will receive a monthly account that sets out how much you owe.

For more information on this, contact your local municipality.


Property rates are:

  • taxes on the ownership of property (land and buildings)
  • based on the market value of the property
  • used to fund various services provided by municipalities.

Property rates are paid by owners of all kinds of real property, including commercial, industrial, residential, agricultural and government property.

Property rates are based on the municipal value of your property. Property rates are set, collected, and used locally. This means that the charges differ from area to area and that the money collected is spent in your municipal area.

The municipal value of your property is worked out by considering the market value of property, which includes land and improvements. Professional, independent valuers registered with the South African Council for Valuers, whose job is to ensure that all properties are valued fairly and objectively, conduct valuations.

Once your property has been assessed, you can examine your assessment and appeal against it if you feel that it is unreasonable.

Your rates account shows the entire amount that you need to pay for the year.

Contact your Local Authority for more information.

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