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Municipal Courts

Municipal Courts deal mainly with the prosecution of traffic offences, and offences in terms of municipal by-laws, such as those for:
  • zoning and building
  • water pollution
  • waste management
  • air pollution
  • fireworks
  • informal trading
  • parking.

You can browse some of the City of Cape Town by-laws here.

Municipal Courts also deal with matters referred from the South African Police Service (SAPS) that involve traffic offences.

There are ten Municipal Courts within the City of Cape Town area. You should be able to pay a traffic fine from anywhere in the City of Cape Town at any of these Municipal Courts.

Most Municipal Courts are housed within the Magistrates' Court in that area. The National Department of Justice provides the magistrates for the Municipal Court. These magistrates usually preside in the ordinary Magistrates' Court also. The Department also trains the Clerks of the Municipal Court.

The City of Cape Town provides the prosecutors, venues and administration. (The Director of Public Prosecutions has given city council officials authority to prosecute on municipal by-law matters. The Director has the power to delegate authority to any official, or to any employee, the power to prosecute.)

If you would like to pay a traffic fine, go to the enquiries desk at your nearest Municipal Court. They will send you to the relevant person who deals with the area in which your traffic offence occurred. You can then pay the fine at the cash office.

Please note that the enquiries office closes at 3.00pm and the cash office at 3.30pm.

If you have been summonsed to appear in a Municipal Court, the relevant Court will be indicated on your summons, as well as the time and date that you should appear.

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