Library Business Corners

Library Business Corners provide the following:
  • Books, journals, videos and newspapers on small business
  • NGO pamphlets on small business
  • Access to resources like the Small Business Development Agency (SEDA)
  • Fact sheets on frequently asked business questions
  • A place to display your business cards and products
  • Information on trade fairs and export support
  • Information on training and mentorship for SMMEs.

There are now Business Corners at most of the libraries in the Western Cape, including many small towns. Here is a full list of all the Library Business Corners.

For more information contact the Library Business Corners office:

Desiree Van Leeve

7 Anton Anreith Arcade
Cape Town
Tel: 021 421 0049
Fax to Email: 088 021 421 1025 or

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Government Body: (Western Cape Government)
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