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Hearing and Speech Services

Hearing and Speech ServicesSpeech Therapists and Audiologists assist with speech, language and hearing difficulties. Speech, language or hearing problems may be identified when babies and toddlers undergo routine developmental screening at primary healthcare clinics.
If necessary, the child will be referred to a specialist clinic and a Speech Therapist or an Audiologist. Adults and children who develop problems with speech, language or hearing should go to their primary healthcare clinic. At the clinic, a health professional will assess them and make the appropriate referral.

Speech Therapists and/or Audiologists are available to a limited extent across the province. A primary health care facility can refer children and adults to the nearest Speech Therapist or Audiologist.

Early identification of hearing or speech problems in babies and children is important, and referral to an Audiologist or Speech Therapist should not be delayed. Click HERE for information on hearing developmental milestones and HERE for speech developmental milestones.

Hearing aids are available from Audiology Departments at several hospitals, such as Tygerberg Hospital, Groote Schuur Hospital, Red Cross Children’s Hospital, New Somerset Hospital, Paarl Hospital, Worcester Hospital, George Hospital, Khayelitsha Hospital and Mitchells Plain Hospital.

List of Speech Therapy and Audiology Services in the Western Cape.


If you visit a clinic/secondary or tertiary hospital for the first time, you will need to fill out a form, and a staff member will open a folder for you.If you need a hearing aid, you must ask for a referral to an Audiologist at the nearest clinic or community health centre/district hospital. Bring your ID book and in the case of a child, the Road to Health Booklet.

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Services are free at primary healthcare level.
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