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E-Learning Initiatives


The WCED is implementing various strategies to ensure that the province realises the potential of information and communication technology (ICT) in education.


The WCED focuses on the use of ICT in schools to:

  • Deliver and support curriculum.
  • Help raise the levels of teaching and learning in disadvantaged schools.
  • Empower and support teachers
  • Bridging the digital divide.
  • Empower learners to join the global knowledge community.
  • Encourage learners to prepare themselves for careers in the sciences, engineering and ICT.
  • Facilitate the handling and dissemination and sharing of administrative information.
  • Ensure that all schools in the province, rural as well as urban, have online and open access to curricular and administrative information.

The "eLearning" strategies being implemented in the Western Cape include:

  • The Broadband wide area network and connectivity programme
  • The Local Area Network (LAN) wi-fi and inter-connectivity programme across schools.
  • Various “enabling environment” projects that seeks to ensure that digital toolsets and technologies are available for the teaching and learning classroom integration.
  • The WCED ePortal online digital resourcing initiative which provides open access to educational resources and information
  • The Learning Management eCurriculum initiative, which is developing innovative ways of using ICTs for curriculum development, delivery and support.
  • Through collaboration, Teacher Professional Development (TPD) is increasingly being offered as online courses and mediated sessions.
  • WCED Online, provides web-based information and services to learners, parents, teachers, school administrators and partners in education

Click here to find out why using technology in the classroom is important. This site offers a wide variety of resources: Applications, Cyber Wellness, Tech help and how teachers can contact their e-learning advisor.



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