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Development and Support for NPOs and NGOs


Existing non-profit and non-government organisations can get development and support services from the government through the provincial Department of Social Development.


Many of the non-profit organisations funded by the state to support the public are themselves in need of aid, particularly in terms of skills and capacity development.

To this end, the provincial Department of Social Development continuously monitors the performance of the NGOs it funds to identify possible areas of improvement. It then commissions other NGOs or private-sector companies to provide the necessary support services and products where required, using a structured approach.

For example, if an NGO that runs an HIV-awareness campaign in Khayelitsha consistently runs behind schedule on short-term campaigns due to rapid expansion and lack of skilled staff, the Department may commission an external project-management consulting firm to put the necessary project-management procedures in place and train staff members in effective project management.


The Regional Offices of the Department of Social Development constantly monitor all NGOs and NPOs that receive funding from the government. If the Regional Offices monitoring an NPO or NGO finds that it is in need of development or support services, it will make the appropriate recommendations to the Department.

For more information, contact the Regional Office nearest you.

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