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Contractor Development Programme


Contractor development

The Contractor Development Programme (CDP) is part of the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP). Its specific aim is to develop skills and promote business sustainability among emerging contractors in the Western Cape construction industry. Targeted participants are Grade 1 to 5 Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) contractors, particularly youth and women.

There are three types of CDP interventions:

  • Foundation phase training, including construction information sessions (Grade 1 and 2 contractors)
  • Advanced training and mentoring (Grade 3 to 5 contractors)
  • Customised training to respond to specific needs

Potential participants are identified in each district from CIDB listings and data held by local municipalities. In order to match supply and demand, the number of participants chosen from a given area is proportional to the expected level of municipal and provincial government construction activity in a specific local area.

Foundation phase training

The Contractor Development Programme foundation phase training is a skills development programme offered to Grade 1 and 2 CIDB contractors. We aim to empower contractors with knowledge and skills that will empower them to run sustainable construction businesses.

Construction information sessions

Government procurement is highly regulated and bidders must be aware of, and compliant with, current requirements. Our construction information sessions are one-day interventions in which we invite knowledgeable stakeholders to share information with contractors on how to make themselves compliant with government regulations and procedures.

Stakeholders include:

Municipality-based training programme

This accredited training for CIDB Grade 1 and 2 contractors comprises five one-week modules over five months. Municipalities may customise the training based on identified area-specific training needs. Participant feedback helps to keep improving the course.

The training areas for a specific financial year respond to the needs identified in completed or in-process empowerment impact assessments (EmpIAs).  We aim to equip contractors with the skills and competencies they need to tender for municipal or provincial government contracts. This can help them to develop confidence to compete effectively with other construction companies.

Structured training programme

This intervention is an accredited training offered to contractors on CIDB Grade 2. However, CIDB Grade 1 contractors who have registered construction business and have been active in the industry for at least two years may apply.

This full training course spans 10 contact weeks over a period of 10 months. Contractors write assessment tests every contact week. At the end of the training and as a final assessment, participants must compile and submit a portfolio of evidence (POE) which is used to evaluate the contractor’s project administration. Those participants who meet all the course requirements receive certificates of competence.

Advanced training and mentoring 

The advanced training and mentoring intervention takes place both online and on-site for up to 16 months. It aims to enable Grade 3 to 5 GB/CE contractors to advance to a higher CIDB grade. Those who succeed in getting a higher CIDB grading are in a better position to tender for bigger and more complex contracts.

Customised training interventions

Customised training interventions

Other shorter training and mentoring interventions are offered as the need arises in, for example:

  • Occupational health and safety
  • Enterprise development mentoring
  • Onsite mentoring

If you would like to participate in one of our programmes please complete the application form and submit via email to

EPWP Construction Industry, Innovation and Empowerment Programmes
Tel: 021 483 8924/2412/8749

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