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Committees of Heritage Western Cape


To ensure that it fulfils its legislative mandate, the Council of Heritage Western Cape meets regularly and has established the following committees:

  • The Built Environment and Landscape Committee (BELCom) is responsible for considering permit applications for alterations & demolitions of buildings older than 60 years. It also assesses activities occurring in and affecting formally declared Provincial Heritage Sites, heritage areas, public monuments and memorials. The Committee also considers proposals regarding heritage resource management for certain categories of development and comments on applications in terms of NEMA. Please see more information about the BELCom agendas, decisions and minutes online.
  • The Archaeological, Palaeontological and Meteorites Permit Committee (APM) is responsible for considering permit applications related to archaeological and palaeontological sites and meteorites in the Western Cape. Both the APM and BELCOM Committees deliberate and manage impacts on declared Provincial Heritage Sites and heritage areas. These Heritage Western Cape committees also play an integral part of the commentary process under NEMA and MPRDA for developments. Please see more information about the APM agendas, decisions and minutes online.
  • An Appeals Committee has been appointed to meet on an ad hoc basis when appeals are received. Appeals against decisions taken by staff under their delegated duties, BELCom or the APM Committee must be made within 14 days of receipt of a Record of Decision from HWC. Please see more information about the Appeals Committee agendas, decisions and minutes online.
  • Impact Assessment Committee (IACOM) 
  • Inventories, Grading and Interpretation Committee (IGIC).

See more details on the website of Heritage Western Cape


To ensure the protection and management of a heritage resource, Heritage Western Cape, through Heritage Resources Management Services, processes permit applications and impact assessments for properties in the province. In addition, it formally declares heritage areas, public monuments and memorials and structures older than 60 years as Provincial Heritage Sites.

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