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City of Cape Town Pollution Monitoring and Management


The municipality is responsible for monitoring and controlling air pollution, marine pollution and hazard spillage in the area.


Air Pollution

The City of Cape Town monitors Air Quality and compares the daily readings to internationally accepted guidelines. They provide an online air quality reading service which provides real-time air quality information and readings and summaries for the previous day. Monthly reports and annual episode reports (where pollution levels exceed the accepted guidelines) are also available.

You can contact the Specialised Environmental Health Department at the City of Cape Town on 021 590 5202.


Marine Pollution

To report any incident of pollution in the marine environment, be it on a beach, an estuary or out to sea, contact the Environmental Management Department at the City of Cape Town:

Tel: 021 487 2284/ 021 487 2350


Hazard spillage

To report  a man-made hazard spillage, such as a chemical or oil spill, in the City of Cape Town, contact Disaster Risk Management:

Tel: 080 911 4357

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