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Children and Families Programme


Social Development 2017: Self-Reliant, Resilient Families


Social Development's Children and Families Programme is aimed at promoting the well-being of children and building resilience of families and communities to care for and protect their children.

We work specifically with vulnerable or at risk families and communities so that we provide services that are aimed at building on the strengths of children, parents, care givers, families and communities.

So, if you need assistance to ensure the well-being of your family and children, or if you are working with children and families at risk, WE WANT TO WORK WITH YOU!

Together, we want to ensure that families at risk are given the opportunity and support to be self-reliant and able to care for and develop their children.


Children and Families Programme

Social Development's Children and Families Programme focuses on the well-being of the family, believing this to be critical for the overall functioning of society.

Any breakdown in a family's functioning and its ability to provide care increases the vulnerability of its members. Therefore, the main aim of the Children and Families Programme is to help build families that function well and communities that care for, protect and develop children appropriately.


Vision for 2017
The Department of Social Development aims to ensure that by 2017:


  • 80% of children know their rights and responsibilities.
  • All parents and families have access to programmes that increase their parenting skills and develop their resilience so that they can care for and protect themselves and their children.
  • A comprehensive community-based safety net (child protection committees, trained, accredited safety parents at ward level, support groups) is in place for children, families and victims of violence.
  • All children and family organisations adopt and effectively implement the agreed-upon early risk identification tools and referral systems and procedures.
  • All statutory services comply with minimum norms and standards.


The overall focus and services of the below programmes in this directorate are as follows:

Child Care and Protection Programme

Services to Families Programme


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