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Children and Families Programme


The Department of Social Development's Child Care and Protection Programme aims to safeguard and promote child well-being and build resilience of families and communities to  care for and protect their children.


The Department of Social Development Child Care & Protection Programme provides services to children who:

  • Need care and protection.
  • Have special needs (this can include chronic illnesses, disabilities and those children who display behaviours that are difficult to manage). Through this programme the Department is committed to building families and communities that care and protect children in order to reach their full potential. 


We offer Public Education and prevention programmes, targeting children; parents; families and communities, with more focus on parental responsibilities and rights.

A range of programmes and services for children with risky behaviours e.g. safety and risk assessment services; therapeutic and psycho social services,  temporary safe care programmes; adolescent development; programmes for children with behavioural, psychological and emotional challenges, transitional care and support programmes for children about to exit alternative care; programmes for children that live and beg on the streets.

Statutory services - e.g. foster care programme, adoption  programme.

Programmes aimed at reunifying children, that had been placed in alternative placements, with their families or communities of origin.

Children and Families Programme

Social Development's Children and Families Programme focuses on the well-being of the family, believing this to be critical for the overall functioning of society.

Any breakdown in a family's functioning and its ability to provide care increases the vulnerability of its members. Therefore, the main aim of the Children and Families Programme is to help build families that function well and communities that care for, protect and develop children appropriately.

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For more information contact: 

Ms Sherene Lucas

Tel: 021 483 4016



Ms Ancilla Adonis

Tel: 021 483 4631



Ms Nomfanelo Hobongwana

Tel: 021 483 6135



Ms Esmarie Beukes

Tel: 021 483 6090



Ms. Lynne Edwards

Tel: 021 483 2643



Ms Madelene Junies

Tel: 021 483 0164



Mr Igsaan Williams

Tel: 021 483 4021



For Foster Care information contact:

Ms. Najwa Taliep

Tel: 021 483 5813




The overall focus and services of the below programmes in this directorate are as follows:

Services to Families Programme

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