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The Cape Town Market


The Cape Town Market is the only National Fresh Produce Market in the Western Cape. It serves Cape Town, the whole Cape Peninsula and surrounding areas, as well as even the most remote parts of the North Western Cape and Namibia. It also services the many ships calling at the port of Cape Town.

It has the necessary infrastructure to handle enormous quantities of incoming and outgoing deliveries. The Market, the largest roofed-over market in the Southern Hemisphere, provides safe and clean facilities for the fresh produce market. The produce prices are determined according to the principle of 'supply and demand'.


For more information contact:

The Cape Town Market
110 Gunners Circle
EppIndust 7475
Tel: 021 531 2191
Fax: 021 531 5291

The Cape Town Market Hotline:
Monday - Friday: 082 664 1991 (8:00am - 4:00pm)

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