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Becoming a Police Reservist

Police reservists are volunteers from the community who have the same powers and duties as police while they are on duty. To be a police reservist you must not have a criminal record, and you must at least have passed matric.
Go to your nearest police station and ask to speak to the reservist coordinator. You will have to fill in a number of application forms, and have your fingerprints taken. The application forms will be processed and considered by a selection committee. You will also have to appear before the selection committee.

If you comply with all the criteria and the selection committee decides to accept your application, you will then be trained in police work, including firearms training, over a period of six months. Once you have completed all the training successfully, you'll receive a certificate of appointment and a uniform. You'll also be issued with a firearm that you may use while on duty; it remains with the police when you are off duty. You will not be issued with a firearm if you fail the firearms training.

Your shifts will be determined by the station commander according to the crime trends in the area and the times when you are available. Reservists are volunteers who wish to serve the community and do not get paid for their work on duty. However, they have the same powers and duties as any police officer while they are on duty.

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