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What is the RSEP/VPUU Programme?

The Regional Socio-Economic Programme and Violence Prevention through Urban Upgrading Programme (RSEP/VPUU Programme) is an intergovernmental programme run in the Western Cape. The programme was established in response to the requirements of a “whole-of-society” approach and is currently being implemented in thirteen municipalities in the Western Cape.

Phase one of the RSEP Programme included three municipalities while phase two took on an additional seven municipalities. The VPUU programme is currently being implemented in three municipalities. The Programme comprises a large variety of projects, driven by different role players, including Local Municipalities, Provincial Departments, the VPUU Not for Profit Company (VPUU NPC) and communities. A core component of the programme is to promote learning and to mainstream lessons learnt, best practice and opportunities for replication in other municipalities and towns.

Project Purpose

To improve quality of life through urban, social and spatial upgrading and build safe and sustainable neighbourhoods.

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The VPUU Programme was initially piloted in the City of Cape Town in 2005 through a partnership between the City of Cape Town, the German Development Bank (KfW) and the participating communities.

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Get Involved

A dedicated RSEP/VPUU Programme Office has been established within the Western Cape Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning within the Chief Directorate: Development Planning.

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Helping Communities

The RSEP/VPUU Programme is about a capable state partnering with active citizens, communities and other stakeholders to plan and implement projects that improve quality of life. The majority of projects funded through the Programme will be local and precinct-based, and these will mainly be urban upgrading projects that involve the development of physical infrastructure.

Infrastructure projects are supported by social projects that focus on providing activities, programmes or facilities for specific groups or address social challenges within communities, such as early childhood development, education, safety, economic development or social cohesion. All of the projects will be identified at the municipal level through a collaborative process involving many stakeholders.

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RSEP/VPUU Programme Office

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