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Revenue saved for the Century City Conference Centre - read how we did it

1 September 2021

Our events and conference industries play a pivotal contributing role to the economic growth of our province.  A large part of their success is based on their ability to attain a liquor licence in order to sell alcohol, a major contributor of revenue for both the Organisation, and the economy.

Glyn Taylor (CEO Century City Conference Centre)

The Century City Conference Centre applied for a liquor licence with the Western Cape Liquor Authority in August 2020. For almost one full year, Century City Conference Centre has been sent back and forth with no end in sight. Having already lost much revenue, and as a result of much frustration, Century City Conference Centre approached the Red Tape Reduction Unit for assistance, given the impact it was having on Jobs and revenue.  

Understanding the economic crisis we are in and the urgency of the matter, the Red Tape Reduction unit immediately responded with swift action to communicate the case with the Western Cape Liquor Authority. The matter took only a matter of 10 days, surpassing normal time frames, even the almost 12 month period of engaging directly with the Western Cape Liquor Authority as a business.

Mr Glyn Taylor, CEO of Century City Conference Centre shared that the Red Tape Reduction team were incredibly professional and efficient and that he would certainly recommend the Unit to anybody experiencing unnecessary delays with respective applications.

The Red Tape Reduction unit is committed to serving citizens in the Western Cape, ensuring that an enabling environment is created that supports the ease of doing business.  The Unit is always open to partnership and look forward to helping other businesses with matters related to red tape reduction