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Ecosystem partnerships – how we helped to launch a new business by reducing red tape!

9 November 2021
Red Tape Reduction Unit

Mr. Saliem Williams established Lekka Pies in 2017 and had carved a good name for his business within the industry. Prior to COVID-19, Mr. Williams was renting a premises and equipment for his business, Lekka Pies. However, with the onset of lockdown, the landlord decided to close the premises and the business could no longer operate. For a year, Mr. Williams and his family were affected as they had no source of income. Mr. Williams took initiative and made contact with the Premier's Office, who then connected him to the Department of Economic Development and Tourism (DEDAT). Mr. Williams made contact with DEDAT via the Business Support Helpline service to gain access to information around funding opportunities. Within 24 hours, he was contacted by Mr. Sharief Davids of the Enterprise Development unit to assist with his query of access to the right type of funding based on his qualification criteria. 

Given his new circumstance, Lekka Pies was assisted by Enterprise Development, who made contact with a trusted partner SEFA , who operates within the eco system of Business Support for the Western Cape. SEFA ensured that a financial advisor was appointed to contact the client directly, and collaboratively, a solution was found.

The client initially had a challenge with SEFA for approval related to the acquisition of the required equipment for their new premises. Mr. Davids immediately intervened, and approval was granted by SEFA to Mr. Williams.

Lekka Pies received their funding to open a new premises in Rocklands, Mitchells Plain. The official launch took place with many coming to support this new venture! Thanks to the help of the Business Support Helpline service of the Department, the work of Mr. Sharief Davids and the Enterprise Development Unit, Mr. Saliem Williams was able to procure the necessary equipment and launch his new business successfully!

Saliem Williams, owner of Lekka Pies (left) and Shawn Charlie, SEFA (right)

Mr. Saliem Williams stated “Sharief stood with me since day one and made this possible. My family endured hardships as we were unemployed since last year October. It  was not easy as we lived on handouts. Sharief call me to have a chat urgently. He even called my landlord to explain why I couldn't pay my rent but funds would be coming my way with his support via partners”

The success of the Business Support Helpline continues to grow, as the department builds on its mandate to support small business owners with partners such as Enterprise Development, who plays a key role in growing our economy by connecting business owners to a larger eco system within the Province.