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Compliance related information

Construction and Built Environment for the public sector

About the CIDB

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All contractors wishing to tender for construction projects in the public sector must be registered with the Construction Industries Development Board (CIDB). Home Building is excluded from the CIDB’s scope of work, which falls within the mandate of the National Home Builders Regulatory Council (NHBRC).

Contractors working within the public sector housing projects field therefore DO NOT need to be registered with the CIDB. Register of Contractors.

Emerging Emerging Contractors: Level 1

Are you seeking information on how to register as an emerging contractor with the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB)?

Learn about the CIDB first:

Website information:

Registration process:

For more information on the registration process, and how to apply, please follow these video links developed by the CIDB.

How to apply:

Registration Part 1:

Registration Part 2:

Registration Part 3:

Emerging contractors already registered:

Follow this link to understand how to incorporate sponsorship in your grading application process


South African Revenue Service (SARS)

About SARS

The South African Revenue Service is responsible for administering the South African tax system and customs service. Whether as a self-employed individual or business, you are required to register your business with SARS, file your tax returns and pay the required taxes on time.

Taxes applicable to small businesses

The table below contains useful tax-related resources for Small, Micro and Medium Enterprises (SMMEs).


Turnover Tax Incentives for SMMEs webinar

SARS recently held a webinar on Turnover Tax Incentives for SMMEs. This webinar can be watched in combination with reading the Small Business Essential Tax Guide.

Watch the webinar here

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Small Business Essential Tax Guide


This document contains useful information for SMMEs as it relates to their tax obligations for tax registration, filing and payment with SARS. This guide includes information on the different tax types business owners may be liable to pay based on the size and nature of their business.

Guide link

Small Business Essential Tax Guide (English)

Small Business Essential Tax Guide (isiXhosa)

Small Business Essential Tax Guide (Afrikaans)