Western Cape Language Committee

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The Western Cape Language Committee is responsible for:
Ensuring the equal status of the three official languages of the province.

Monitoring the use of the official languages by the provincial government of the Western Cape.

Promoting multilingualism.

Actively promoting the development of previously marginalised indigenous languages, including Sign Language.

Advising the Minister on language matters.

Advising the Pan South African Language Board on language matters affecting the Western Cape.
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The Western Cape Language Committee (WCLC) was established in 1998 in accordance with the Western Cape Provincial Language Act, Act No 13 of 1998. The committee consists of 11 members with the primary responsibility of advising the Provincial Minister of Cultural Affairs, Sport and Recreation on matters relating to language usage in the Western Cape Province, and to monitor the implementation of the Language Policy. In terms of section 12(1) of the Languages Act (Act 13 of 1998), the Language Committee meets at least four times per year, with subcommittees meeting when necessary. The powers and functions of the committee as prescribed by the Languages Act are translated into strategic objectives which are reflected in a strategic plan and annual performance plan submitted to and approved by the Minister.


The Standing Committee of the Western Cape provincial parliament invites the general public to nominate persons to serve as members on the WCLC. In full compliance with the Western Cape Provincial Languages Act (Act no 13 of 1998), the Standing Committee short-lists candidates that meets the requirements and submits them to the Minister for final selection. The demographics and percentage of language speakers are taken into account to ensure a balanced WCLC that will be able to deliver on its mandate.



The term period for Language Committee Members is from 1 September 2012 to 31 August 2015.
Martin Barker
Maria Olivier
Marguerite Briers de Stadler
Dr Monwabisi Ralarala
Prof. Rajendra Chetty
Hendrik Theys
Willem Fransmanx
Maletsatsi Wotini
Dr Izak Fredericks
Heindrich Wyngaard



Inter-Regional Development Netball Tournament
From left to right: Mr Martin Barker, Mr Brent Walters (HOD: Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport), Mr Willem Fransman Jr, Ms Maria Olivier, Ms Marguerite de Stadler, Dr Ivan Meyer (Western Cape Minister of Cultural Affairs and Sport), Ms Maletsatsi Wotini, Mr Hendrik Theys, Heindrich Wyngaard,Dr Monwabisi Ralarala, Dr Izak Fredericks and Prof Rajendra Chetty.




The Language Unit of the Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport manages the affairs of the Western Cape Language Committee and is responsible for implementing projects.

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