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Upgrade Stadiums: Green Point and Philippi

Start: 1 June 2007
End: 31 March 2009

The World Cup 2010 Unit contributed financially to the construction of the Green Point stadium. This stadium is a highly significant focal point for both the Host City, but also as a beautiful symbol of local architecture. Nine World Cup Matches will be played there, including a semi-final. The stadium symbolizes the redressing of past imbalances in relation to soccer in the Western Cape. It also stands to provide significant significant economic and sport-related benefits.

The other stadium which is being revamped in Philippi will also be extremely beneficial to the surrounding community, which is extremely poor and under-resourced. This stadium will be a FIFA-recognised training facility for the World Cup and as part of the legacy we are seeking to provide it will be a significant sports facility in an impoverished area of the City. It will be, for many years to come, a place where youth can go to develop their skills and be involved in a range of healthy lifestyle activities and programmes. In this way, the Philippi Stadium provides activities to draw the youth away from destructive behaviours, such as gangsterism, drug and other anti-social activities.

The 2010 World Cup unit managed Phase 1 of the Philippi upgrade.

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