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Neighbourhood Watch

Crime levels in the Western Cape Province, like the rest of the country, remains a huge problem. It is very important that the citizens' play there part in the fight against crime.
Start: 1 April 2011
End: 31 March 2012
The establishment of neighbourhood watches is very important with helping to reach the Western Cape's goal with regards to increasing safety in the Province. Neighbourhood watches are best placed to assist police and other law enforcement agencies to serve as force multipliers.

The aim of this project is the following:

  • Ensure a uniform approach in support of neighbourhood watches in regards to policy development, training and resourcing.
  • Ensure standard operating procedures that will regulate the functioning and operations of neighbourhood watches operations.
  • Increase the number of neighbourhood watches in the process.
  • Contribute towards the strengthening of neighbourhood watches.

The following equipment has been bought:

  • jackets
  • vest
  • torches
  • first aid kids

With regards to the buying of bicycles, a company was identified. Due diligence were applied and legal advise sought on the buying of bicycles. Great care was taken and legal advice was required with regards to the buying of bicycles.

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