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Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) Youth Opportunity Project

The EPWP is one of government arrays of programmes aimed at providing poverty and income relief through temporary work for the unemployed to carry out socially useful activities. The immediate goal of the EPWP Phase 1 was to help alleviate unemployment by creating at least 1 million work opportunities, of which at least 40% of beneficiaries will be women, 30% youth and 2% people with disabilities.

Examples of work opportunities created by (Department of Social Development (DSD) through EPWP: interns placed at MOD Centres, Early Childhood Development (ECD) assistants placed at regional and local offices, interns placed at Community Nutrition Development Centres (CNDC's), interns placed at older persons facilities, interns placed at institutes for the intellectually disabled.

Start: 1 March 2012
End: 1 April 2013
Sponsored By: (Western Cape Government)
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