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Community Police Relations


The objective of the Sub-Programme: Community Police Relations is to promote good community police relations by ensuring CPF compliance on the EPP. This is done by creating an enabling  environment for CPFs to use the EPP to produce safety information. Further to this, the Sub-Programme works towards building partnerships between the community police forums and SAPS,  as well as other key stakeholders in the safety sphere. The aim is to encourage consistent EPP activities towards partnership with joint problem-solving with SAPS. EPP activities can be captured on the EPP web-based system, which gives CPFs the opportunity to capture and submit safety information and report  in terms of their mandate of oversight, partnership-building and joint problem-solving. 

Start: 1 April 2019
End: 31 March 2020

The aim of the project is to promote and facilitate community interest in Police supervision. Build partnership with community structures in order to achieve improved police accountability, community trust and increase safety in the Province.

Training will be provided to Community Police Forums in the following:

  • Civilian Oversight
  • Meeting skills
  • Community Police Forum's role
  • Responsibilities
  • Understanding the CPF constitution
Sponsored By: (Western Cape Government)
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