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Community Police Relations


To advance the goal of violence prevention, by supporting Area Based Teams (ABTs) with violence prevention interventions which are responsive to community safety needs at local level in identified areas. The aim is to reduce key safety threats in communities, strengthen violence prevention and reduction, improve community cohesion and resilience and enhance community safety. Further to this, transparency and accountability between the police and safety partners, as well as the continuation of good community police relations, will be supported. The functionality of Community Police Forums (CPFs) as well as the District Community Safety Forums (CSFs) will be assessed.

Start: 1 April 2021
End: 31 March 2022
The aim of the project is based on the cohesion between government and civil society; and on building partnerships with community structures to increase safety in the Province.
Types of consultation/ training:
ABT Areas – Community Consultation Sessions
CPF orientation training
Assessments of CPFs and DCSFs
Sponsored By: (Western Cape Government)
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