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R25 000 Rewarded to Road Safety Winner

21 January 2013

Statement by Robin Carlisle, Minister of Transport and Public Works

On 17 December 2012, the Safely Home Road Safety Reward was launched offering a cash opportunity to all Western Cape motorists and drivers who remain fine-free for this festive season.

On 21 January 2013, we will be drawing the name of our second winner as well as handing over the R25 000 reward to our first winner whose name was drawn on 24 December 2012.

This reward is part of a behavioural economics technique aimed at establishing a culture of obeying road rules by promoting an identity of responsible road users.

We aim to reward the very many drivers in the province who are responsible, who obey the rules of the road religiously, and make the informed decisions that save lives whenever they take to the roads.

Together, with these responsible citizens, we have managed to reduce the fatalities in the province by 28%, and will continue to work hard to reach our collective goal of halving road deaths by the end of 2014.

Terms and Conditions of the Reward:

  • The draw is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • Winners’ details will be verified on eNaTiS for correctness, and should they not be correct, the individual will be disqualified.
  • The vehicle must be licenced in the Western Cape.
  • The driver of the vehicle must have no outstanding warrants, as at the date of the draw.
  • The driver must be a South African citizen and have a valid driving and, if applicable, a valid operating licence.
  • The driver of the vehicle must have no outstanding licence fees, at the date of the draw.
  • Winners must agree to have their pictures published in the media and on the Safely Home and Western Cape Government websites. In addition, winners must be present at a ceremony to receive their prize money.
  • The prize money will be paid directly into the bank accounts of the winners no later than the end of February 2013.
  • Winners will be required to provide proof of identity and residence as well as to confirm that he/she is not related to any employee of the Western Cape Government.
  • Drivers of government owned vehicles will not be eligible for the draw.
  • No Western Cape Government employees or any persons related to such employees will be eligible for a prize.

These terms and conditions, as well as other information pertaining to the campaign can be found on www.safelyhome.westerncape.gov.za.

How the Draw Works:

The presiding officers will be Mr Walter Channon, who will be responsible for the randomisation process, Mr Johan Fabricius (Senior Manager) and Mr Dirk Needham (Internal Audit), ensuring that the process is transparent and fair.

  • Using the randomisation process, twenty (20) numbers will be drawn from a total of numbers which corresponds to the amount of registered vehicles in the Western Cape (which are in excess of 1.6 million), with the randomiser.
  • These 20 random numbers will then be used by Mr Channon to draw the corresponding records from the eNaTIS data-dump, in order to obtain the vehicle registration and owner details.
  • The order in which the random numbers are generated is noted for record purposes.
  • Mr Channon will check the details of the owner and the vehicle, for each of the 20 records, against the eNaTIS criteria to verify the following:
    1. Roadworthiness Status.
    2. Police Marks (To ensure there is none).
    3. Licence Expiry Date (To ensure validity).
    4. RSA ID Number (To confirm RSA citizenship).
    5. Address and Contact Details (Winner must be contactable).
    6. Locality of Vehicle Record (To ensure the vehicle is registered in the Western Cape).
    7. Admin Marks (To ensure there is none).
  • All of the above records and checks will be saved for record purposes.
  • Each record (in the order it has been drawn) is checked against the above and the first one verified to meet all the conditions, as stipulated in the Terms & Conditions listed on the Safely Home website, will be the winner.

Important Note:

The announcement will be made with the clause that the winner is subject to review, as fines and outstanding warrants are still to be searched and verified.

  1. The dates of the draws are 24 December 2012 and 21 January 2013, respectively.
    • The period in which the winners must to be fine-free is 24 days, thus the first winner has to be fine-free from 1 until 24 December 2012, whilst the second winner will have to remain fine-free from 25 December 2012 until 21 January 2013.
    • The databases of the local authorities have to be searched within this 24 and 28 day period in order to ensure that the respective winners have indeed remained fine-free. The prize money has to be awarded before the end of February 2013.
  2. If any of the records drawn through the randomiser process is found to have fines issued against the vehicle or driver, that driver is disqualified and the next valid record will be considered the winner.
  3. The second draw will not be linked to the first i.e. a new set of 20 records will be drawn and the process, as described above, will be repeated.
  4. The winner must agree to sign a sworn affidavit stating that they are not related to any Western Cape Government employees.

I would like to congratulate Mr Andrew E Cupido on being randomly drawn and verified to win the Safely Home Road Safety Reward of R25 000.

Mr Cupido is a testament to the type of behaviour and attitude that should be characteristic of all vehicle owners and motorists. Responsible citizens that understand that obeying road rules is non-negotiable, and in doing so realise that they, quite literally, are the ones that will be key in reducing the carnage on our roads.

These citizens are the ones that should be lauded and rewarded in this way.

We continue to urge all motorists and drivers on our roads to be ambassadors of their own safety, as well as that of other. The only way we can reduce the carnage on the roads is if all motorists made the life changing decision to:

  • Not speed.
  • Not drink and drive.
  • Be mindful of pedestrians.
  • Not use cellphones while driving.
  • Ensure that they buckle up, and most importantly that children in the vehicle are buckled up.

Together, we can ensure that lives on our roads are no longer lost unnecessarily by realising that the carnage affects us all, and reducing it is a burden that we all bear.

Media Enquiries: 

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Media Liaison Officer
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