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Further Education and Training Fact File

October 2005, 8
(Western Cape Education Department, Western Cape Government)


FET colleges strive by various means to promote studies in Mathematics and Science.
All FET colleges offer additional support to learners in Mathematics through a special programe called PLATO (People Learning and Training on-Line).
This Programme allows students computer-based study support additional to thier normal course of study.

Good Hope Campus of False Bay College, operating in Khayelitsha, offers a programme dedicated to the promotion of success in Mathematics and Science called COSAT (Centre of Science and Technology).

In 2005, COSAT has a total of 172 students who are studying Mathematics and Science on Grade levels 10,11 and 12 and who are mostly recruited from the Khayelitsha area.

The COSAT programme promotes access to higher education in that more than 80% of the students graduate from the programme to enter university.

In 2004, nine out of 53 COSAT matriculant students achieved distinctions in all subjects; ten achieved distinctions in both Mathematics and Science; and the pass rate for matriculants was 100% for the fourth consecutive year.

Out of 17 COSAT students who went to the University of Cape Town, 15 are following studies in Science and Engineering.

The COSAT programme includes support to schools in the Khayelitsha area for the improvement of instruction in Mathematics and Science.

The COSAT programme has been operating on Good Hope Campus of False Bay College since 1999 and followed on the experience gained in a preceding sucessful programme called "Students and Youth into Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics".

For further information contact:
Rozanne at the Directorate Further Education and Training on 021 467 2614 or email ropeters@pgwc.gov.za.
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