Further Education and Training Fact File, 5 2005-09-23 | Western Cape Government

Further Education and Training Fact File

September 2005, 5
(Western Cape Education Department, Western Cape Government)


Your favourite hairdresser and cosmetics advisor
The auto technician who repaired the on-board computer of your luxury vehicle and sorted out that other electrical fault
The chef at your favourite restaurant and the hotel receptionist
The technician who installed your home alarm system and the technician who repaired your air conditioner
The person who made your travel and accommodation arrangements on your last out-of-town visit
The plumber who installed your hot water geyser and the cabinet maker who installed your built-in-cupboards
The clerk who attended to your financial enquiry and the personnel manager who you spoke to when you complimented them on their friendly service
The person who designed and upholstered your favourite couch in your tv room and the person who designed and manufactured the fabric that was used
The person who designed the packaging of your favourite South Africa breakfast cereal and the person who designed and produced the ceramic bowl you ate from

The day-care centre operator in whose care you leave your child everyday and the care-of-the-aged personnel you may use one day

They all studied and qualified at a Further Education and Training College!

For further information contact:
Rozanne at the Directorate Further Education and Training on 021 467 2614 or email ropeters@pgwc.gov.za.
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