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News and Speeches for Western Cape Government


Today is a Celebration for Many Candidates, Schools and Educators

3 January 2013

This morning over 44 000 young people from the Western Cape will receive their individual National Senior Certificate (NSC) results. Read More

Diarreale Siekte: Ken Basiese Feite

3 January 2013

'n Kind sterf van diarreale siekte en verwante siektes elke veertien sekondes. Dit beteken dat vier kinders  elke minuut sterf, 6 000 kinders  elke dag sterf en 42 000 kinders gemiddeld elke week sterf. Read More

Diarrhoeal Disease: Know the Basics

2 January 2013

A child dies of diarrhoeal disease and related diseases every fourteen seconds. That means that four children die every minute, 6 000 children die every day and 42 000 children die every week on average. Read More

Record Pass Rate for Western Cape

2 January 2013

Media Statement by Donald Grant, Western Cape Minister of EducationI am delighted to announce the provincial results of the 2012 National Senior Certificate examinations. Read More