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Inside Government: Re-imagining Manenberg is a choice

27 July 2015

Some people are only happy when they’re unhappy, the saying goes.  And some are only satisfied if they’re complaining -- preferably to “the government”.  If they look hard enough, they’ll find a cloud for every silver lining. Read More

Inside Government: When ‘Empowerment’ becomes legalised corruption

20 July 2015

One of the challenges of daily life in government is the weekly avalanche of documents that must be read, analysed and commented on.  Among them are draft Policy papers, Bills, Regulations, “Instructions” and other documents from national government... Read More

Inside Government: Alcohol in our communities - changing the game

13 July 2015

The highlight of my week was a newspaper article about the launch of a community campaign to shut down 1,400 illegal taverns (shebeens) in Khayelitsha. Read More

Inside Government: An Uber test for innovation

6 July 2015

Government is a complex beast.  It can only do what the law specifically allows it to do, not what people (or the Premier) think it should do. Read More