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Youth Safety Ambassador Programme (YSAP)

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About the Youth Safety Ambassador Programme (YSAP)
The Youth Safety Ambassador Programme will see 1000 Safety Ambassadors placed at different partner institutions such as schools, municipalities, NGOs and other locations around the province as youth violence prevention facilitators. 
This project forms part of the Violence Prevention component of the Western Cape Safety Plan. Safety Ambassadors will work closely on initiatives and interventions identified by Area-Based Teams, which are localised, multidisciplinary bodies set up to initiate and implement violence prevention interventions in those communities where the data and evidence shows the highest proportion of murder and violence takes place.

The YSAP also seeks to ensure that all the young people involved will be able to access opportunities for further career and personal development through training and other elements built into the programme. The idea of placing them in schools and communities is to ensure that their time is taken up by constructive, productive activities in which they are also expected to be role models for other young people. 
The Safety Ambassadors will earn a monthly  Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) stipend for the duration of the contract which will run for six to twelve months. It is expected of them to show the necessary commitment and dedication to the objectives of the programme. My department is investing a lot of resources into this programme, including further opportunities for upskilling that will enable them to access other personal and professional development opportunities once their contracts come to an end. We have put in place a structured management system to ensure that the young people received the necessary support, but they must also play their part by showing the necessary determination to succeed and thrive.

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