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This project aims to enhance sustainable farming practises by helping farmers to use water efficiently. The designers know that farmers make decisions based on their experience and observation, therefore accurate and timely information on their crops is essential. FruitLook uses satellite image technology to provide farmers on a weekly basis with up-to-date information.

The FruitLook service obtains information via satellite images, calculate the growth parameters and send the information to the relevant farmers. In order to overcome the problem of poor internet connectivity in rural areas, FruitLook sends the information to farmers via their cell phones.
The basic package includes growth parameters such as the actual evapotranspiration, biomass growth and nitrogen content. This gives farmers an indication of where irrigation water and nutrients are required and how much to apply. FruitLook also has a far-reaching impact by enhancing sustainable farming practice.

Water is a scarce resource in the Western Cape. The service helps farmers with the effective utilisation of irrigation water, by providing them with the information to optimise their crop production, whilst reducing water consumption. This will also reduce irrigation water return flow that pollutes rivers and streams, save electricity and reduce fertiliser costs, which means it will contribute towards food security.

The content on this page was last updated on 18 June 2014