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Delft Symphony Way Community Day Centre (Clinic)

Delft symphony

When designing this clinic, the architects wanted to create more than just another clinic. They wanted to create a beautiful urban space with the feeling of a healthy village as this clinic is a very important public space and the residents of the low-income neighbouring areas with RDP housing had to feel safe and welcome here.

The architects learnt from traditional African architecture, that the inbetween space is more important, not the inside. To incorporate this lesson in their design, the various units are separate buildings to create many courtyards inbetween, and to ensure that all the rooms have natural sunlight and a view of trees. The inbetween spaces can also be used for rehabilitation exercises. The centre even opens out onto a treed courtyard, with round mosaic tables and an open air amphitheatre.

As this is a very busy clinic where people might have to wait in long lines to be helped, the architects designed the building’s interior in such a way that it will ease the long waiting hours. All the departments are located around a centralised waiting area and a large courtyard. The walls will have beautiful murals with colourful mosaic work and timber screens painted in bright colours. The pre-waiting area is an undercover space that gives protection against the elements, because people will have to stand and wait for long hours.

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