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Berg River Improvement Plan

berg river improvement

The Berg River is vital for the agricultural industry, as approximately 70% of the fruits produced in the area are exported to the European market. It is therefore paramount to protect the catchment. Unfortunately the catchment is under tremendous pressure from man-made activities.

The Berg River Improvement Plan wants to encourage the community to adapt green interventions to protect the river from possible impacts that may emanate from informal settlements, agricultural areas, wastewater treatment works or natural processes such as climate change.

The plan is currently being implemented, and the innovative activities relating to environmental protection, conservation, efficient water use and rehabilitation will be showcased in November 2014 in selected sites.

In order to guarantee improved quality of life, improved agricultural farming and ecological resilience, the team behind the project works closely with stakeholders from the surrounding communities, agricultural farming industry and other industries in the catchment area.

The content on this page was last updated on 18 June 2014