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Western Cape Design Strategy

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The Western Cape Design Strategy looks at how the province can become more competitive by increasing the use of design in the economy. Design is a process that synthesises research, ideas and user insights to create a product, service or system. It is the bridge between an intangible idea and its implantation.

When used successfully in business it creates more innovative products and services. The Western Cape Design Strategy is working towards a strong creative industry, where businesses and the public sector use design to find better solutions to users’ needs and thus become more competitive.

The Cape Craft and Design Institute has implemented parts of the strategy with 2014 being the first year of roll-out. The Better Living Challenge is the first pilot project and brings together government, designers, tertiary institutions, businesses and manufacturers – all the elements of the design ecosystem – in a three year long process.

Other activities include projects in design education, career awareness, business skills for designers and engagement with the public sector around the value of design in service delivery.

The content on this page was last updated on 18 June 2014