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Provincial Head Office Precinct: Urban Regeneration Project

With this project the Western Cape Government addresses the need for large office buildings to make a positive contribution to the street environment. The design theme for this project is "The Face of the Province" as the main objectives are accentuating the entrances and upgrading the foyers in the precinct surrounding the provincial government's head office, enhancing visitor's and pedestrians' experience when dealing with government.

The lead project is the upgrade of several entrances, foyers and streets related to the buildings in the Dorp/Wale Street complex. Essentially the designers wanted to create an "Urban Foyer".

To change the face of the government buildings, several sub-projects are being completed, which include:

  • Enclosing Keerom Street under the arches of the Provincial Legislature to create a new main entrance to Provincial Parliament. This includes paving in front of the entrance (corner of Wale and Burg Streets) to turn it into a public square.
  • A paved square at the Muslim Mosque.
  • Resurfacing Dorp Street and adding a water feature using the spring water from underneath the 9 Dorp Street building.
  • Vendor kiosks on the previously blank facade of the Long Street building and the Loop Street facade of 27 Wale Street.
  • The installation of an urban art component on the corner of Dorp and Long Streets.
  • Redesign and upgrade of office space.
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