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New Grassy Park Clinic

new grassy park clinicThe design theme for this clinic was "Beautiful Spaces, Beautiful Things." The idea behind this theme was to create a building of beauty that gives pleasure to its users and the public, whilst providing an essential service.

The existing run-down clinic was replaced with a new day care facility that provides primary health care services. The site was large enough to build the new building without interrupting the functioning of the original clinic.

To do justice to the theme of "Beautiful Spaces, Beautiful Things", the architects designed the new clinic to be a peaceful green oasis when you walk in from the busy Victoria Road side, where the clinic’s public face is located. There are gardens on the quieter sides and peaceful, secure internal landscaped courtyards around which the building’s circulation system works.

The architects paid special attention to the location of the windows to bring in winter sun and shade summer sun. The building is designed in such a way that natural ventilation is maximised. The main waiting area is centrally located between two landscaped courtyards. The waiting area has a high, floating roof supported on steel tree-like columns, which echo the trees of the landscaped courtyards and the trees that were planted on the street to provide shade.

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