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Mitchells Plain Hospital

mitchells plain hospital

The theme in designing the Mitchells Plain Hospital was caring for people and the environment. The hospital boasts a compact design which optimises navigation and accessibility and allows for future expansion. Ergonomically designed staff management zones, are centralised with the various clinical, administrative and service departments surrounding it.

The designers wanted to meet high quality standards through design by creating a new vision for healthcare delivery. They achieved this with a unique interior and way-finding system, using colours and materials based on colour association research which promotes mood upliftment and creates bright and fresh spaces.

The visual navigation uses colour, art work and design elements to assist memory-based navigation for the visually impaired. All artwork involves facilitating and training school children, individuals, community elders and artists from Mitchells Plain and Philippi and reflects their wishes, hopes and vision for the hospital.

The hospital is located in a Sandveld Fynbos conservation area with unique plant and animal life, which adds a unique sensory healing element to the hospital. Internal courtyards and maximised views and sunlight bring the natural surrounds to the patients.

To add to the theme of conservation, natural calcrete stone from the building site was integrated in the architectural and landscape elements of the building. Environmentally-friendly and sustainable materials were used and energy efficient mechanical and electrical systems were installed to reduce the hospital’s carbon footprint.

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