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Acute Care Surgery Unit Ward Makeover (Groote Schuur Hospital)

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The aim of this programme was to design the new ward in such a way that it improves service delivery and patients' recovery. As the surgical ward has an enormous patient throughput and receives severely and acutely ill patients, the designers had to design the Unit in such a way that absolutely no time is wasted. 

To do this, smart systems will be implemented to make patient health record keeping more efficient and easier for health care professionals to access.

The system will run electronically. The designers also recognised that the aesthetic and functional design of the Unit plays a very important part in the healing process.

They believe patients can benefit from a ward that has been well designed to include comfort, pleasing aesthetics and that takes practical issues, such as better hygiene and more efficient use of space, in account.

The focus on aesthetic design and improvement is based on the theory that creating a comforting environment can have a positive effect on patient recovery as well as their emotional well-being while staying in the Unit.

The challenge for this project is to continue running the fully functional 24/7 Surgery Unit as normal throughout the renovations.


The content on this page was last updated on 18 June 2014