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Women's Month 2011

(Western Cape Government)
The month of August is recognised as Women's Month and various women-focused initiatives are set to be held during the month across the country. South African women, like other women around the globe, are faced with a multitude of challenges.

The Provincial Government of the Western Cape (PGWC) led a range of interventions throughout the month of August and beyond. The Western Cape Department of Health launched a Women's Health Campaign that runs until 30 October 2011.

The campaign is targeted at women in the Western Cape; women are now able to access any public health clinic in the province for cervical cancer and breast cancer screening, family planning assistance, antenatal care and chronic diseases management.

The Women's Health Campaign is aimed at improving women's health and well-being. The campaign aims to create heightened awareness and encourage women to take a proactive approach to their health. To prepare for adequate implementation of the campaign, the Department extended its operating hours in certain facilities to accommodate working women.

Western Cape Minister of Health, Theuns Botha, said the Department's staff were ready to address illnesses that most women are prone to: "The earlier these are identified, the better the potential of complete recovery. I want to encourage our female patients to visit their nearest community health centre and get checked. These services form part of our wellness strategy, in other words, this government's goal of working towards a healthier society, rather than treating illnesses when they have reached an advanced stage."

Some of the services that are provided during the extended hours include:

  • Adult curative, promotive and preventative.
  • Antenatal care and family planning. Screening for cervical cancer.
  • Communicable diseases.

In response to a high rate of reported crimes against women, the Western Cape Department of Social Development Metro East, on Women's Day, launched a host of interventions to address violence against women.

One such initiative is led by the Western Cape Department of Social Development Metro East region, Kuilsriver South African Police Services Cluster, as well as the Departments of Local Government, Health and Correctional Services. The campaign aims to create awareness around women's rights and empower women with the necessary information and skills they need to protect themselves from being victims of crime.

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