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Wild Animals as Pets

Wild Animal Captivity Permit

If you are interested in keeping any wild animal as a pet, you must apply at the CapeNature head office or any regional office for a Wild Animal Captivity Permit.


When applying for the permit to keep wild animals in captivity, you would have to submit the following:

  • A fully completed signed and dated application form
  • The application form must have the proof of payment of the administration fee and legal origin of the animal. (If there is no proof of legal origin then a sworn affidavit can be submitted.)
  • The application with the supporting documents can be faxed to 021 659 3415

Application form

Application, License and Permit Fees

The permit is valid for one to three years (depending on the amount of animals in captivity).

No person may keep any wild animal(s) in captivity without a permit. Birds in captivity only need a permit if the bird species is classified as protected or endangered.

The keeping of wild animals requires you to have a permit in accordance with the Western Cape Nature Conservation Laws Amendment Act, 2000



For information on permits, please click on the link here:

You can also contact the Permit Office:
Email: permits.fax@capenature.co.za

The content on this page was last updated on 15 May 2019