What you need to know about rape forensic units


Experiencing rape or any kind of sexual assault is traumatic. While many victims and survivors can (and do) overcome the associated trauma, for some, it's an emotional and physical injury that lasts for years leaving lifelong scars. woman-with-counsellor.jpg

We want to help you on the road to physical, medical and emotional recovery. Together, the Western Cape Department of Health and other non-governmental organisations offer the following to rape and sexual assault survivors:

  • counselling,
  • medical advice,
  • tests and treatment, and
  • evidence collection, if the case is reported to the South African Police Service (SAPS). 

What are rape forensic units?

Rape forensic units are centres set-up to help assist victims and sexual assault. There are 4 rape forensic units available to the public in the bigger Cape Town area – situated at Karl Bremer Hospital, Khayelitsha Hospital, Mitchells Plain/Heideveld and Victoria Hospital. There’s also one in Atlantis at Wesfleur Hospital. 

Patients are seen according to the drainage areas (immediate surrounding areas) served by these units. For example, if the incident took place in the Mitchells Plain and surrounding areas, you’ll be referred to the forensic unit at Mitchells Plain hospital. Rape and sexual assault survivors from the indicated geographical drainage area will receive treatment and counselling at a hospital facility or at one of the other metro clinical forensic services drainage areas if the incident occurred in another location.
This means you'll be seen at the clinic according to where the incident happened, and not necessarily the closest one to where you live.



Metro clinic forensic services drainage areas




Victoria Hospital  (Wynberg)


Karl Bremer (Goodwood)


Mitchell's Plain Hospital


Heideveld Clinic


Khayelitsha Hospital (Khayelitsha)


 Service provider


Clinical Forensic Unit







 Contact details


 Tel: (021) 799 1235



 Tel: (021) 918 1321



 Tel:  (021) 637 9431/  (021) 699 0474



 Tel: (021) 360 4293



Drainage area


Cape Town

Southern Suburbs

Northern Atlantic Seaboard



Northern Suburbs



Cape Flats


























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