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Western Cape Government Online Library Catalogue

Libraries are an important part of our access to information. It’s a centre of learning where you can lend books, music and art. 

Other than reading and studying, you can also visit libraries  to use the internet and interact with different social activities offered at the libraries in the Western Cape.

The libraries that are managed by the the Western Cape Government have an Online Library Catalogue.

If you’re a library member of any of the libraries managed by the Western Cape Government you can use Online Library Catalogue to:  

  • renew library materials,
  • search the online catalogue, or
  • access library information.

Services on Online Library Catalogue

Using the Online Library Catalogue, you can search the online catalogue, reference files and indexes, using a basic and advanced search.

Displaying personal information
You can see all items and titles linked to your record.

Online renewals
You can renew items that you've checked out.

Inter-library loans
You can cancel loan requests.

Other library information
You can see:

  • a library's monthly calendar with hours of operation,
  • a library's quarter or semester dates,
  • a library's circulation class information for library users and items,
  • library statistics, and
  • file size statistics.

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The Online Library Catalogue function is only for libraries managed by the the Western Cape Government. If you’re a member of the City of Cape Town libraries you can use the City Of Cape Town’s Online Library Service where you can use:  

Quick Search function  that allows you to access the collection of all the libraries in the City. There are more than 4 million items for children, teens and adults which include: 

  • Books, audiobooks and large print books
  • Music (CDs) and movies (DVDs)
  • Magazines and newspapers

My Library function that will allow you to:

  • View and change certain personal details.
  • View items on loan.
  • View reservations.
  • Renew library materials (where applicable).
  • Access e-resources.

Find out what the Western Cape public library hours are.

The content on this page was last updated on 17 November 2016