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The Western Cape Government Legislation Site provides with the overall legislative process and access to Bills, Acts and Legislation as well as useful information and links. For more information view the Frequently Asked Questions.

The Legislative Process

The Legislative Process takes place mainly at the Provincial Parliament and its fundamental aim is to make laws for the Western Cape Province. Read more.

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Bills and Legislation

Bills and Legislation set out the proposals for new laws, and plans to change existing laws, that are presented for debate before the legislature.


Keep up to date with the progress of current and draft Bills before Western Cape Provincial Parliament.


  • Bills before Parliament
  • Bills in previous sessions
  • Progress of Public Bills this session






    An Act is a constitutional plan passed by the legislature that is referred to as a 'Bill' until ratified to become a law.

    An Act may come into force immediately, on a specific starting date, or in stages.

    Future changes to the law happen through the passing of another Act or delegated legislation. An Act can also be repealed so that its provisions no longer apply.

    View Acts of the Western Cape Provincial Parliament as passed




    The National Constitution permits each provincial legislature to adopt a constitution for its province as long as it corresponds with the National Constitution.


    Western Cape Constituion:

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