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Web Directory of Professional Bodies and Associations in the Western Cape

(Department of the Premier, Western Cape Government)
This listing of professional bodies and associations forms part of the Western Cape Public Sector Directory.
Actuarial Society of South Africa (ASSA) www.assa.org.za  
South African Scriptwriters' Association www.saswa.org.za To bring together working scriptwriters who have common interests
Oil & Colour Chemists' Association South African Division www.occa.org.za A learned society comprising individual, qualified persons employed in, or associated with, the worldwide surface coatings industries
International Webmasters Association www.iwanet.org. To bring together individuals involved from all disciplines of Webmastering at the local and regional levels. We are focused on providing professional development and educational resources
Cape Law Society www.capelawsoc.law.za Professional body for all attorneys who practise in the Northern, Western and Eastern Cape Provinces
South African Association of Archivists www.archives.org.za The development of Archival Science and the promotion of the archival profession in South Africa
Institute of Certified Bookkeepers www.icb.org.za The largest Bookkeeping Institute in southern Africa that provides a professional membership for Bookkeepers
Democratic Nursing Association of South Africa (not working) www.denosa.org.za A voluntary, autonomous, non-sexist, non-racial and non-profit organisation for nurses and midwives/accoucheurs
Occupational Therapy Association of South Africa (OTASA) www.occupational-therapy.co.za The organisation that represents Occupational Therapy in South Africa and is committed to the support and development of its members, as well as ensuring that occupational therapy is provided for all those who need the service
The South African Institute of Valuers www.saiv.org.za National society of professional real estate valuers. The Institute is dedicated to serving the public interest by advancing high standards for members of the appraisal profession
Society of Medical Laboratory Technologists of South Africa (SMLTSA) www.smltsa.org.za To promote and regulate the profession of Medical Technology in South Africa
South African Association of Veterinary Technologists (SAAVT) www.saavt.co.za To facilitate closer cooperation and contact between the country's Veterinary technologists
South African Institution of Mechanical Engineering www.saimeche.org.za  
National Association of Child Care Workers www.naccw.org.za An independent, non-profit organisation in South Africa which provides the professional training and infrastructure to promote healthy child and youth development and to improve standards of care and treatment for troubled children and youth at risk in fa
Institute of Commercial & Financial Accountants of Southern Africa (CFA) www.cfa-sa.co.za A association for professionally qualified accountants, in practice and commerce and industry
South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) www.saica.co.za The pre-eminent accountancy body in South Africa
The South African Guild of Interior Designers www.sagid.co.za The South African Guild of Interior Designers (SAGID) was formed in 1984 by a group of interior designers and decorators, who felt that an organisation was required which would be commercially professional, would uphold standards and would have its own vi
Computer Society of South Africa (CSSA) - national with WC presence www.cssa.org.za The representative body of practising professionals in the computer industry
South African Translators' Institute (SATI) www.translators.org.za A national non-profit organization to give the translator professional status and pride and to ensure an honourable position for the translation profession among the other professions
South African Association of Consulting Engineers www.saace.co.za A voluntary association of independent consulting engineers in private practice
The Association of South African Women in Science & Engineering www.sawise.org.za A dynamic association for all those (both men and women) who support the idea of strengthening the role of women in science and engineering in South Africa
Publishers' Association of South Africa (PASA) www.publishsa.co.za The official body representing the South African publishing industry
Printing Industries Federation of South Africa www.pifsa.org An organisation of individuals, partnerships and companies engaged in the printing and allied industries within Southern Africa
Institution of Municipal Engineering in South Africa www.imesa.org.za A non profit organisation that consists mainly of civil engineers in the public service who need to share and receive advice and information
Electrical Contractors Association of South Africa (ECA-SA) www.ecasa.co.za A governing body regulating the common goals of the electrical industry, as well as enforcing standards and procedures relating to it
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