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Web Directory of Business-Related Public Sector Organisations in the Western Cape

(Department of the Premier, Western Cape Government)

This listing of business-related public sector organisations forms part of the Western Cape Public Sector Directory.

Cape Town Central City Improvement District www.capetowncid.co.za Is a co-operative public/private sector Section 21 Company which was formed in June 1999 with two primary objectives. The first is the attainment of world class standards in the Cape Town central city, while the second involves the branding, positioning,
Cape Town Central City Partnership. www.capetownpartnership.co.za This public/private initiative is dedicated to the revitalisation of the Cape Town central city by developing, managing and promoting it as a premier international destination for business, investment, retail, entertainment and leisure.
Cape Town International Convention Centre www.cticc.co.za Set in the heart of one of the most beautiful cities in the world, the CTICC will lead South Africa's race to claim a major share of the international convention market when it opens for business in August 2003
National Business Initiative (NBI) www.nbi.org.za Focus is on the contribution of the business community to socio-economic delivery, employment creation and the delivery of basic services within local government structures
Business Against Crime www.bac.co.za Seeks to support Government's efforts to combat crime by complementing its resources with the considerable entrepreneurial, managerial and technology skills for which the South African private sector is renowned
Cape Chamber of Commerce & Industry www.capechamber.co.za To serve the interests of our members by representing their views in the region and by providing them with services of value. To strive to promote economic growth and a positive business environment in the Western Cape Province
George Chamber of Commerce & Industry georgechamber.co.za  
Western Cape Business Opportunities Forum www.wecbof.com Building services management, space management, employee facilities and office facilities
Joint Marketing Initiative (JMI) www.jmi.co.za A partnership between the City of Cape Town and the Provincial Government of the Western Cape. Its goal is to bring about an alignment of the marketing and promotion efforts of the various organisations and agencies engaged in promoting the Western Cape a
Economic Policy Research Institute www.epri.org.za A non-governmental organization located in Cape Town, South Africa. EPRI supports the development of economic policy options that promote economic growth and social equity in South Africa. The institute is committed to analysing South Africa's socio-econo
Triple Trust Organisation (TTO) www.tto.org.za A capacity building non-profit, non-government organisation. Its primary focus is to empower unemployed people to start their own small businesses
Direct Marketing Association of South African www.dma.org.za A non-profit body representing over 400 local and international organisations involved in direct marketing. The Association represents marketers and suppliers active in all media, from telephone to print and direct delivery to electronic.
Economic Society of South Africa www.essa.org.za A discussion forum for top economists in academic life, government and business
The Savings and Credit Cooperative League of SA (SACCOL) Ltd www.saccol.org.za The representative of Savings and Credit Co-operatives and Credit Unions in South Africa
Advertising Media Association of South Africa www.amasa.org.za The education of people with an interest in the media, marketing and advertising industry, with a view to improving knowledge and skill in media decision making techniques and their use
SA New Economics Network www.sane.org.za An independent network for the creation of a humane, just, sustainable and culturally appropriate economic system in South Africa; a loose affiliation of individuals and organisations who recognise the central role of economics in modern society, and are
Chamber of Mines http://www.chamberofmines.org.za/ A prominent industry employers' organisation which exists to serve its members and promote their interests in the South African mining industry. It does this through a variety of activities and programmes undertaken in areas where it is deemed desirable f
Institute of Commerce & Administration in Southern Africa www.iacsa.co.za A professional management institute and independent examining body. Established in 1927, it is registered In South Africa as a non-profit organisation. It is fully self-funding and conducts its business from its head office In Cape Town
Financial and Fiscal Commission www.ffc.co.za An advisory body and has mandate to make recommendations on financial and fiscal matters to parliament, the provincial legislatures, and any other institutions of government when necessary. The FFC is separate from government and therefore is able to perf
SA Chamber of Commerce (SACOB) www.sacob.co.za  
South African Property Owners Association (SAPOA) www.sapoa.org.za The representative body and official voice of the commercial and industrial property industry in South Africa
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