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110% Green is an initiative of the Western Cape Government to mobilise citizens of the province to commit and act in practical ways to have a positive impact on the environment and economic growth.

The more we do together, the closer we will get to meet our objective of the Western Cape as the Green Economic Hub of Africa.

We're Taking up the Challenge
There is increasing evidence that our planet's resources cannot sustain us in the ways we are used to. The World Wildlife Fund's Living Planet Report 2012 predicts that we will need two planets by 2030 if we continue with "business as usual". That's not an option. We have to change the way we grow our economies and the way we use our natural resources to support this growth.

The Western Cape Government has decided to take up this challenge and turn adversity into opportunity, and we are re-envisioning our social, economic and environmental future.

We Cannot Wait
We must get going with practical action, have impact and learn from it - and create a citizenry that takes shared responsibility. 110% Green has been launched to support just that.

On 5 June 2012 Premier Helen Zille raised the flag, together with some 30 organisations that committed to flagship projects designed to build the green economy.

Commit, Act and Impact!
We want you to join 110% Green - bring 100% commitment and have 10% impact for the green economy. This will be successful if we work better together. You decide what you want to do - big or small, at home, in business, within communities - and then COMMIT, ACT and IMPACT.

List of 110% Green affiliated organisations:

Abalimi www.abalimi.org.za
AEG Power Solutions www.aegps.com
AgriProtein Technologies www.agriprotein.com
Cape Town International Convention Centre www.cticc.co.za
City of Cape Town www.capetown.gov.za
City of Cape Town: Travel Smart www.capetown.gov.za/en/TravelSMART
Cape Craft and Design Institute www.ccdi.org.za
Department of Agriculture: Western Cape Government www.elsenburg.com
Department of Transport and Public Works www.westerncape.gov.za/eng/your_gov/315
Drakenstein Municipality www.drakenstein.gov.za
Eskom www.eskom.co.za
Green Cab http://thegreencab.co.za
GreenCape http://green-cape.co.za/
Hessequa Municipality www.hessequa.gov.za
Impahla Clothing www.impahla.co.za
i-wec www.i-wec.co.za
Juwi www.juwi.co.za
Nedbank www.nedbank.co.za
Solms-Delta Wine Estate www.solms-delta.co.za
Sustain our Africa www.sustainourafrica.org
Trashback- Rewards for Rubbish www.trashback.org
Theewaterskloof Municipality www.twk.org.za
Recliam Camissa www.facebook.com/RECLAIMCAMISSA
Victoria and Albert Baths www.vandabaths.com
Villiera Wines www.villiera.com
Vineyard Hotel and Spa www.vineyard.co.za
Woolworths www.woolworths.co.za

Become part of the 110% Green community on our Facebook page and network, share, learn and - most importantly - report results.


The content on this page was last updated on 15 March 2014