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Walking Bus

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The Department of Community Safety launched the Walking Bus Initiative in May 2016 as a pilot to help ensure a safer walking route for learners to and from school.

The Walking Bus Project entails parents, as well as volunteers from the broader community, walking groups of children to school in the morning and back home in the afternoon. If available to do so, the Walking Bus volunteers keep an eye on the perimetres of their local schools. 

The Walking Bus Initiative has been launched in several communities in the Western Cape and to date has more than 2000 parents and volunteers actively involved in the safety of their children.

The Walking Bus Initiative owes its success to committed community members who keep coming to the fore wanting to play an active role in the safety of their children and community. This is an example of a pro-active community who knows that safety is everyone’s responsibility and who have heeded the call from the Department of Community Safety to help address the various safety needs within communities.

Safety volunteers in any capacity have the potential to unite an entire community behind a common cause and take back ownership of a community from the criminal few hell-bent on institutionalising fear in our communities.

The Department of Community Safety remains a willing partner to any community who wishes to improve safety in their own area and will assist with the necessary logistical support, training and equipment in order to launch a Walking Bus.

Click here for a list of areas in the Western Cape who are actively participating in the Walking Bus programme.

Interested in the Walking Bus programme for your community? Feel free to contact the project manager, Ms Jemayne Andrews

Tel: 021 483 5326
Email: Jemayne.Andrews@westerncape.gov.za

Watch this feature about the Walking Bus Initiative:


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