VolunteeringWant to lend a helping hand? Find out more about charitable organisations in the Western Cape, and how you should go about volunteering or donating.

What are Charitable Organisations and NGOs?

Charitable organisations and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are organisations which provide services that government is unable to provide. Some of these organisations are partially funded by government.

There are various charitable organisations which are in need of support. This support could range from donating food and clothes to shelters to volunteering your time to assist in the organisation's initiatives.

Organisations vary greatly in focus areas and include categories such as social upliftment and empowerment to animal welfare and environmental causes.

How Do I Donate Responsibly?
The Department of Social Developement encourages donating responsibly to organisations and not giving money to beggars, but rather to encourage them to seek assistance from social upliftment organisations.

Which Organisations Should I Support?
Charitable organisations aim to provide social upliftment by assisting those who are unable to assist themselves. While it is generally considered that donating items and one's time is accepted and appreciated, it is best to consult the relevant organisation which you wish to assist. You should also do some research into the organisation to find out about their work.

Please note that the list of charitable organisations does not necessarily include all organisations of this type in the Western Cape.

The content on this page was last updated on 11 August 2015