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Visit the WCG eCentre in Paternoster

Paternoster is a small fisherman's village and popular tourist destination 145km north of Cape Town. The quaint town is known for its crayfish, seafood, and whitewashed fisherman's cottages. Paternoster sits on a remarkable coastline with jagged cliffs, white boulders and pristine beaches stretching along the west coast of the Western Cape.

Despite its beauty and popularity, the town faces many challenges. Many people in the community struggle from substance abuse and addiction, many children leave school early, and the unemployment rate is high.

Job opportunities are scarce, and there’s no youth centre or rehabilitation centre close by for those suffering with addiction.

In 2015, the Western Cape Government opened the Paternoster WCG eCentre to help alleviate and address these problems in the community. The WCG eCentre programme is a government initiative that makes information and communication technology (ICT) freely available and accessible to communities in the province.

Residents in Paternoster can get access to government services and reach out to organisations that can help them.

The initiative also provides computer training aiming to create a computer literate society among the disadvantaged, unemployed and disabled members of the community.

The Paternoster eCentre has 11 computers for users wanting to access online services. These services include:

  • Access to the internet
  • Access to email
  • Printing of up to 10 pages per person per day
  • Access to government information and services

The eCentre also provides citizens with the following:

  • Google Meet or MS Teams (Video conference meetings) for users who need to attend these online meetings.
  • Assistance with Ufilling – UIF
  • Assistance with school learner registrations at WCED.
  • Assistance with all Western Cape Government related registrations.
  • Online job searches and applications, for example, SA, WCG jobs portal etc.
  • Online university applications.
  • Online registration of IEC members.
  • SASSA Social Relief Distress fund enquiries.
  • SARS e-filling registrations.

The administrator at Paternoster WCG eCentre, Carly Vries, says the Paternoster WCG eCentre is unique because, unlike other eCentres, it’s easily accessible and within walking distance to everyone in the community. She says, “Many members of the community come to do their curriculum vitae, and some of them do get employed.”

The eCentre plays a vital role in the community. Not only does the eCentre assist with access to the internet, it also helps people find employment.

According to Vries, one of the users at the eCentre applied for the PAY Graduate Internship programme at the eCentre and was successful.

For more information about the Paternoster WCG eCentre contact us:


Contact Number: 073 022 6907

Operating Hours: Monday - Friday 08:00 - 16:30

Address: C/o Madeliefie Street & St. Augustine Street, Paternoster


The content on this page was last updated on 13 September 2023