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Vision, Mission and Provincial Strategic Objectives



The Department of Economic Development and Tourism's vision is a Western Cape that has a vibrant, innovative, and sustainable economy, characterised by growth, employment and equitable opportunities, and built on the full potential of all.


To achieve the vision statement as noted above, the Department is required to provide a facilitative and leadership role to the Western Cape economy through the Department's understanding of the regional economy, its ability to identify economic opportunities and potential, and its contribution to government economic priorities. The leadership role encompasses a vertical and horizontal alignment function as this will ensure economic development is the concerted effort of national, local and regional government; the private and not-for profit sectors as well as communities.

In terms of vertical alignment, the department will strive for a "whole of government" approach to economic outcomes by aligning efforts of national, provincial and City of Cape Town and other municipalities. A facilitative role is also required in aligning economic activities within the horizontal space. The Department will intensify its role as horizontal aligner with business, institutions, and others around a common agenda for economic development. Here again it is intended that the Department`s role is viewed as the critical link between the external stakeholders in the economy and government.

In essence the Department's role changed from that of being an implementer of projects and programs to that of also being an influencer for economic growth, development and inclusion. The above approach gives credence to the achievements envisaged by the Provincial Strategic Objective (PSO1) which includes the creation of opportunities for growth and jobs, the creation of an enabling environment for business and citizens to grow and the creation of a competitive and productive economic region.


Our goal is to create the opportunities for businesses and citizens to grow the economy and employment. This will be achieved by embracing five key focus areas:

Five Building Blocks

It is recognised that in order to fully operationalise the Strategic Agenda it is necessary for all provincial departments to work together across departmental boundaries and disciplines. The Department of Economic Development and Tourism is the Custodian Department of PSO 1: Creating opportunities for growth and jobs. This also constitutes the goal statement of this Department. The Figure below provides a graphical representation of the five building blocks (also referred to as objective statements) of PSO1. It is believed that achievement in these five areas will support the obtainment of the PSO1.

For each of the five areas, a set of interventions are being implemented and tracked continuously.

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