Two Rivers Urban Park – Towards a sustainable integrated urban development

(Western Cape Government)

The Two Rivers Urban Park (TRUP) is located at the confluence of the Black and Liesbeek Rivers about 5 km from the city centre. Because of its environment and history, the area is ideal for a development that satisfies a variety of human and ecological needs. A heritage specialist has been brought on board to provide expert advice on the cultural and heritage aspects of this development.

Where possible, roleplayers will preserve and enhance the heritage of the site and consider options for memorialisation given the powerful history associated with the site.

The project is at a vision stage with all parties committed to a high level  of public participation and engagement.

Described as a live-work-play model, this precinct will be transit-oriented with a mix of recreational, residential and commercial opportunities.

In January 2016, the City of Cape Town and Western Cape Government signed a Memorandum of Cooperation (MOC) with the Dutch Government to capitalise on its technical expertise for the TRUP Project.

A World Design Capital 2014 project, TRUP aims to meet ten objectives throughout the planning, construction and completion stages.

  1. The park will be designed as an open space to trigger social inclusion, a new metropolitan tourism destination and to enhance ecological awareness.
  2. The project will focus on restoring and preserving the ecological integrity of the site.
  3. We will develop the precinct so that the natural qualities of the site are protected and the Earth’s resources are protected.
  4. The use of sustainable modes of transport like walking, cycling and public transport will be promoted so that there will be less dependency on cars.
  5. The live-work-play model will provide for medium density affordable housing.
  6. The project will focus on mobilising new investments, creating jobs, and ensuring that most of the business premises are affordable for small and micro-enterprises.
  7. Through this project, we also aim to bring government and public services closer to the people.
  8. TRUP will be developed as an integrative space that responds to culture, heritage and memory of the site which will assist in undoing apartheid spatial planning.
  9. Through this project, the City and Department of Transport and Public Works will establish a social partnership that can address past inequalities and prioritise public interest amongst others.
  10. To develop resource efficient sustainable technologies where possible.
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