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Transport, infrastructure and roadworks during Covid-19 lockdown

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Large parts of the economy are reopening and many people are returning to work at Alert Level 3 of the COVID-19 lockdown.

Licence-related centres

driving licence

  • All learner's licences, driving licences, temporary driver's licences, motor vehicle licence discs, temporary permits, roadworthy certificates and professional driving permits that expire during the period that commenced from 26 March 2020 up to and including 31 May 2020 are deemed to be valid and their validity period is further extended with 90 days from 1 June 2020.
  • Driving licence testing centres (DLTC), registering authorities, vehicle testing stations and driving schools will resume their services with effect from 1 June 2020, subject to the hygiene, disinfection control, social distancing and santizing measures.
  • Driving schools will be permitted to resume their activities subject to effective social distancing and sanitizing measures. Both the instructor and the learner must wear face masks at all times.
  • Should motor trade number licences expire during the lockdown it remains valid during the lockdown and will be extended for a further grace period of 6 months from the end of the lockdown unless determined otherwise by the National Minister.
  • Our walk-in centre at the corner of Loop and Dorp Street will open on 8 June 2020.
    Contact details for motor vehicle-related enquiries :
    Email: or
  • The Vangate Shared Services Centre in Athlone will be suspending its services for the duration of the lockdown.  Visit the public operating licence webpage for more information on how to apply for a public operating licence.
  • There will be an embargo on the conveyance of abnormal loads and the movement of abnormal vehicles during the lockdown. You can apply for a special permit to transport abnormal loads during the lockdown.

Red Dot

red dot

We launched the Red Dot service on 18 May 2020.

Red Dot Lite will provide a chartered transport service for those Department of Health employees who need to travel for work between 7 pm and 5 am. From 1 June, the service will also transport citizens who have tested positive for COVID-19 or are at high-risk of having been exposed to the virus to public isolation and quarantine centres which have been established across the Province.

User feedback

Public transport users can dial *134*234# and let us know what kind of public transport vehicle they are travelling on, whether the vehicle is adhering to lockdown loading limits, whether the driver is wearing a mask, whether there is hand sanitiser on board, and whether the vehicle is clean and tidy.

User feedback


  • Minibus-taxis are permitted to transport 70% of their passenger capacity: those licensed to transport 10 are now limited to 7 passengers; those licensed to transport 15 are now limited to 10 passengers; a midi-bus licensed to transport 22 passengers is limited to 15 passengers
  • No person is allowed to use of public transport who is not wearing a face mask.


Buses will be allowed to transport 50% passengers of their licensed loading capacity, with social distancing, wearing of masks by all passenger and other mitigating measures.

MyCiTi bus service:

  • No standing is allowed on buses
  • All bus drivers have been issued with masks and gloves
  • Passengers who board at a bus stop can use the hand sanitiser that is placed next to the validators at the left hand door
  • Passengers boarding at stations should use the sanitiser that is available at these facilities
  • their hands as often as possible with soap and water for 20 seconds
  • Buses and stations are cleaned regularly in line with COVID-19 requirements.

Golden Arrow Bus Service (GABS):

  • GABS is providing transport services during the lockdown in line with the times that have been gazetted.
  • Drivers have all been issued with gloves, masks and hand sanitiser
  • All buses are regularly sanitised with specialised surface cleaner
  • Passengers are requested to please adhere to carrying capacity and personal hygiene protocols
  • Please phone the TIC on 0800 65 64 63 for more information about the schedules, or go to, where you can search for a specific route, or see all of the routes by selecting ‘Filter PDFs’ and then choose a timetable and route by selecting the letter of the alphabet

E-hailing and metred-taxis:

  • A vehicle licensed to transport four passengers is limited to carrying 50% of their permissible passenger carrying capacity – thus, only two passengers are allowed in the vehicle

Scholar transport vehicle is permitted to carry not more than 70% of their maximum licensed passenger carrying capacity. View the updated regulations for more information.

Education, general and health construction


The list of industries and activities permitted under Alert Level 4 as gazetted on 29 April provided strict health protocols are followed is to be welcomed. This provision allows for:

  •     Civil engineering for public works projects
  •     Public works civil engineering and construction works
  •     Road and bridge projects, including local road repairs
  •     Critical maintenance and repairs.

In addition steel, cement, other construction material and hardware, can scale up in phases to 50% employment subject to strict health protocols.

Read more about our construction projects



Road workers will remain on duty during the lockdown period. The following activities will continue:

  • essential inspection and maintenance of streetlighting,
  • traffic signals and road surfacing,
  • operation of traffic control measures where necessary, and
  • scheduled inspections of slope stability conditions on certain routes.

Read more about roadworks projects on the Road Network Information Systems website.

More information on Covid-19 and the lockdown

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