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Tourism Month 2011: When Last Did You Explore the Western Cape?

What is Tourism Month?

South Africa celebrates Tourism Month in September every year. In 2011, the Western Cape Province will celebrate the month in line with the global theme of "Tourism Linking Cultures". The focus for this year's Tourism Month is to encourage citizens of the Western Cape to travel in and around their province and to explore its diverse cultures and natural treasures.

What Can You Expect during Tourism Month?

During Tourism Month, the Western Cape Provincial Government will explore ways of linking the province's rich cultural diversity with its tourism industry. The province is a melting pot of cultures, which is evident in its diversity of languages, its assortment of cuisine and historic buildings, monuments and cultural tourism routes. But the Western Cape is also one of South Africa's top tourism destinations; some of its tourism routes are known to draw visitors from around the globe.

How Accessible is Western Cape Tourism?

Western Cape Minister of Finance, Economic Development and Tourism, Alan Winde, launched Tourism Month on Thursday, 1 September 2011. He specifically highlighted the need for Cape Town's hotels to be made more accessible to visitors in order to stimulate tourism.

Minister Winde emphasised the importance of marketing in the Western Cape Province, particularly of Cape Town as an international conference destination. "A legacy of last year's FIFA World Cup is a vastly improved transport network in the Cape Metropole. It is up to us to market and sell our ever-expanding public transport system to locals as well as tourists," he said.

What Sorts of Events are Taking Place in the Western Cape?

The Western Cape Department of Finance, Economic Development and Tourism, in collaboration with Cape Town Routes Unlimited, will host a variety of events across the province to celebrate Tourism Month.

For more information, view a full list of events for Tourism Month 2011 (pdf).

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